About Us

Winston Salem Chiropractic’s goal is to reduce risk factors associated with negative lifestyle habits to have a happier and healthier Winston Salem, NC community.

Winston Salem Chiropractic Services Offered

  • Chiropractic Adjustments: Chiropractic adjustments are safe and effective for almost everyone.  Dr. Robinson assesses the entire muscle and joint system so that his care plan meets you where you are, so that you can get better faster!
  • Body Composition Testing: An integral portion of Dr. Robinson’s practice is Body Composition Testing.  Analysis includes:  body fat percentage, lean body scoring, metabolism testing, hydration analysis, phase angle (cell health).

Winston Salem Chiropractic: Exercise and Life In Motion

The goal of our practice is to get you moving and keep you moving.   Dr. Robinson performs 50 different muscle tests, flexibility and posture analysis to see where your muscles and joint could be improved.  We also work hand in hand with the expert and certified trainers at Gold’s Gym.

Winston Salem Chiropractic: Balance Training/Proprioception

Although most of us associate joints and pain, most of nervous system is dedicated to where we are in space.  Sedentary lifestyles affect our joint position senses to a large degree.  Dr. Robinson helps retrain and develop your proprioceptive capacity while under his care.

Winston Salem Chiropractic: Community Involvement

Dr. Robinson is actively involved with the BeHealthy Coalition at Forsyth County Health Department.  His practice and Gold’s Gym help sponsor the Step Up Forsyth! Campaign to reduce obesity rates in our community.

Winston Salem Chiropractic: What Conditions Are Treated?

Winston Salem Chiropractic cares for patients of all ages, with a wide range of health conditions.  Winston Salem Chiropractic is especially well known for our expertise in treating individuals with neck pain, back pain and headaches…particularly with our highly skilled  manipulations (chiropractic adjustments).

Winston Salem Chiropractic also treats patients with a wide variety of disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system that involve the muscles, joints and ligaments.  These very painful conditions frequently involve or have an impact on the nervous system, which may cause pain and dysfunction in places other than where the injury happened.

The many benefits of Winston Salem Chiropractic care extend to general health issues, as well, since a persons body structure affects their overall function. Winston Salem Chiropractic also counsels patients on nutrition, diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle habits, and even occupational health.